Friday, 5 September 2014

Mom's Recipe - Sunday Afternoon Mutton (Goat/Lamb) Curry

Location Mebane, NC, USA

Recipe of Mutton Curry(Goat/Lamb Curry)-

Back in the day, when I was younger and not so married, there was no bigger a delight than enjoying lovely home cooked comfort food by Dearest Aai Sawant. Sunday afternoon usually featured chicken or mutton curry. It helped a lot in forgetting the sorrowful fact that the next day was Monday!

It was always fun to spend quality time with Mom, Dad and Sru over the weekends and good food always complemented it.
Miss the good old days when pestering mom with the question 'Is the food done yet??' was as fun as the mouth watering aroma of the tempered spices that filled our home.
I confess to having my tongue burnt time and again, in impatient attempts to devour piping hot food when it was finally served! But it was no biggy compared to the curry, the conversations and awesome family time we shared over it!

Here is my Mom's recipe to the Mutton Curry which was highlight of many many Sundays!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Food For Taut - Cabbage Soup

Location Mebane, NC, USA
Cabbage Soup Recipe

Soups are a great way to incorporate veggies, you would want to avoid otherwise, in your diet.
This recipe of Cabbage soup is a great mix of many vegetables and is shockingly very tasty too. After I made it for dinner one day, Varun asked if there was some soup left for the next day!!
That convinced me that I wasn't imagining about the soup tasting really good.
So I thought that this recipe was definitely worth sharing!

All the ingredients are immensely nutritious and all you dieters can even make it a part of your cabbage soup diet. It's easy to make, delicious and you're left with a full and happy tummy.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Food For Taut - Baked Tilapia & Turnip Greens

Location Mebane, NC, USA
(Recipe of Baked Tilapia & Side of Turnip Greens)

Heyo!! Back with another recipe in the 'Food For Taut' Segment.

We are making Baked Tilapia & a side of Turnip Greens. The recipe is very simple and quick to make.
Tilapia is a very healthy option for dinner. Not only is it high in protein but also is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provides essential nutrients for our health. Most importantly, at least for me, it tastes simply delicious!

Here is the recipe for Baked Tilapia. It requires very basic ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen.
I served it with a simple side of turnip greens ( Recipe courtesy of Mr. Varun Govande ) which made it a wholesome meal.